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Temple Mound Spiritual
Wellness Center
and Meditation Retreat Facility
Tarpon Springs, Florida

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Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness Center is a spiritual guidance, meditation and treatment facility that is centered around a

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prehistoric Indian Temple Mound, that dates back to the time of the Great Pyramids. The Retreat Center is dedicated to helping those with unanswered questions, find the answers, that will bring calmness and serenity to their lives, and help explain the changes we are all going through in the coming of this new age. No matter what path you are on we can help you find the answers.

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The spiritual energy that exists in the vortices around the top of the mound, seems to have miraculous healing powers, and often brings the gift of insight. A large number of those visiting the ancient Temple site report, “significant and spiritual dreams” in the days following their visit. The effect the Temple Site Energies have on the individual, are as unique and varied as those who seek them out.

We are a nonprofit, non-denominational guidance center, that will help you find your own personal path from within. We will help open your mind to your higher self and your inner guides and show you a world through a much wider lens.

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For years this had been refereed to the lost Temple of Tarpon Springs, because of it's mislocation on maps dating back to the nineteenth-century. Though originally shown on sixteenth-century maps by the Spanish, modern archeology with all it's technology could not find it. The mound had been rediscovered in 2009 by a series of strange coincidences, and has gone through an extensive restoration and archeological investigation, and is now open for ceremonies, treatments, drumming, classes and group as well as private meditations. The 6000 square foot Spiritual Center on the property has a 24 seat media/classroom, fireside reading room and library, multipurpose room, forested, meditation path, pool and spa. In addition to the Centers public areas there are also a number of spiritually themed bed and breakfast accommodations, with private meditation areas that are available for day or weekend retreats for groups or individuals. All rooms are outfitted for Hemi-Sync audio meditations that will be customized to your personal goals and intent. We have the ability to provide a spiritual getaway for you or a group of friends.

Temple Site, Energy Vortex, Vortex, Ceremony, Sacred Ceremony, Meditation Mound, Meditation

Available services include in-room, poolside, or mound top, acupuncture, massage, yoga, cupping, energy healing, Chakra balancing, light therapy, and Hemi-Sync treatments. There are group meditations, metaphysical classes, guidance and training in several different disciplines. There is an on staff Native American Shaman to offer Shamanic training, Native American lore, “medicine”, sweat lodge ceremonies, drumming and Spirituality from the Native American view point. Spiritual retreat weekends or week long packages are now available with an “a la carte” of treatments, classes and ceremonies available.

Independent teachers, spiritualist, healers and private groups are also welcome. Check this site often to get the latest updates. Additional information is being added daily.

Temple Mound is dedicated to helping those with a spiritual need. No one in need will ever be turned away on the basis of an inability to pay. If you are in financial need and need to work out special arrangements please notify our staff.

Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness center is completely funded by donations and class fees. All donations go to the upkeep of the Temple site and grounds or may be dedicated to any of our improvement projects. Please help in any way you can.

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1130 Anclote Road
Tarpon Springs
Florida 34689

(727) 942-1051 (727) 244-3110
Steve DerDerian,
Program Facilitator

Due to the nature of our on-site meditation work,
PLEASE call ahead for all unscheduled visits.

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